Wilstead Players’ Newsletter

The Players were overwhelmed by the wonderful support for our most recent production of ‘Toad of Toad Hall’.  We played to full, or almost full, houses at each performance and several people were disappointed who telephoned the Box Office for tickets too late.  This hasn’t been the case for a play for many years.

This may be partly due to the fact that the cast had a number of children participating and they were able to reserve seats for their family and friends.  But a number of tickets were sold by others – twenty-nine each by Patron Maxine Hendry and Amy Mager (Phoebe in ‘Toad…’) and an amazing sixty tickets by Charlotte Minards who played Toad.

We thank everyone involved, many without credit in the programme, who helped front of house and behind the scenes to ensure everything ran smoothly.  It was such hard work for a relatively small bunch of people and special mention must be made of Andy Calvert’s (Director) dedication and creativity.  He was doing so many different jobs that he never actually got the opportunity to sit out front and watch the play.

This brings me to my next point…  What The Players need to survive, apart from the very much appreciated ‘bums on seats’, is an influx of people in their twenties to fifties to take part and act on stage.    We obviously have potential in the youngsters who appeared in ‘Toad…’ but of course, they are a bit young unless we perform plays incorporating children.  We had three new members take part in ‘Toad…’ and we hope they enjoyed themselves enough to continue to act with Wilstead Players.

The next production, a Murder Mystery Dinner Evening, is planned for the Friday and Saturday, the 27th and 28th April.  The Box Office will be open for Patrons on Friday, the 30th March and for the general public on Monday, the 2nd April.  Seating will be arranged around tables for six as usual, so make a note of the dates and organise your friends for a dramatic social event.

Colin West

Chairman/Secretary – Wilstead Players

01234 743752


February 2018